What is this route all about? Read it here.

Le Fleuve Grande is the actual name of the layout (still a work in Progress). It is French for 'The Great River'.

It's a fictional route located somewhere in the southwestern part of Europe along the coastline.

There is a backstory for it, it can be read here.

The route will have an extensive narrow gauge network, a standard gauge mainline with branchlines  and and Iberian broad gauge mainline with several branchlines. High speed traffic is possible on the mainlines.


My goal is to make it look as realistic as possible, despite it being a fictional route. Details, details and more details....without the smallest of details it will never look as I want it to look. That is also the reason it won't be finished anytime soon.

When it -is- finished, the route will be uploaded to the Download Station.


Added december 10,2017:


The route is extended, miles of track is added. Several large stations with yards are added including many smaller stations.

The border area between Spain and France have stations on both sides of the border.(both having 1435mm track and 1668mm track)



(More information will be added in the near future)